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{Closed, In progress}

Characters: (cameo by Hei(code_bk201)) Seto(ryuu_oyakata) and Atem(atemminx)
Date/Time: 2009.2.20/12 AM - early morn
Location: Random street, then Kaiba Seto's car >D
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Strange bonding times with the duel masters?

For once in his life, Atem was grateful for rain.Collapse )

Job Interview

Characters: Tsugiri (lacklusterheart ), Lancer(blue_lancer ) (and a few NPCs)
Date/Time: March 3, late afternoon
Location: BadGai Russian restaurant
Rating: PG
Summary: Tsugiri goes on a job interview at BadGai. Lancer...is there.

It was now two full days after he'd talked to that guy Lancer about a job at BadGai instead of The Blue Hydrangeas. It might not be much of a change, but it got him away from the crowds and the snobs, at least. He walked in and glanced around- it was pretty dead.Of course, a job where he got paid to do his homework wouldn't be a bad thing.



Characters: Charles conquer_russia, Jay april_ravine
Date/Time: March 3, early evening
Location: Library
Rating: Hmm....Pg-13 to start with
Summary: Charles and Jay meet face to face for the first time

Instead of a smile I'd rather see you cryCollapse )

{ Closed, In Progress }

Characters: Vexen chilli_academic , Zexion vi_manipulator, Demyx sitar_rock
Date/Time: Feb 23/09, Evening
Location: Going to a restaurant >3>
Rating: PG
Summary: Getting Zexion out of the commoners apartment and his blond bimbo just happens to bud in.

Answer Damnit! >_<Collapse )

[Closed/In progress]

Characters: Uchiha Sasuke tracking_ravens, Li/Hei code_bk201, Kakashi Hatake scarin_crows, Uchiha Itachi uchihasama, and Deidara uchihasama
Date/Time: Feb 19th Around 10pm ish?
Location: Deidara’s shop
Rating: PG -13 EPIC violence
Summary:Taking it upon himself to finish what his life stood for thus far, Sasuke seeks revenge for the past at Deidara’s shop.
Only then would he be satisfied.Collapse )

[closed, in progress]

Characters: Reno Tarhill shockxofxred & Kongou Agon agon_cool_drive
Date/Time: February the 14th, evening/night
Location: Reno's apartment
Rating: PG-13 There's a BIG FAT chance it'll go up to NC-17
Summary: Reno invites Agon over and the two celebrate Valentines Day in their own special little way.

I've brought the beer...Collapse )

[closed, in progress]

Characters: Saber ( saber_violinist ) and Gilgamesh ( gate_of_babylon )
Date/Time: Feb. 14 I would say about like...8 p.m.
Location: Underground studio
Rating: PG-13 Because of Gil.
Summary: While in hiding Gil worked on something for Saber, little did he know that Saber did too.

Damn you Gil...Collapse )

{ Closed, Complete }

Characters: Vexen chilli_academic and Zexion vi_manipulator
Date/Time: Febuary 10th 2009, Evening
Location: Around the City, Car lot { AIM chat~}
Rating: G
Summary:  Now, not only did he have  figure out how to use the phone, he had to track down Demyx and tell him…Or not.

[closed, in progress]

Characters; Saber( saber_violinist ) and Lancer (blue_lancer )
Date/Time; Febuary 10th 2009, roughly about noon
Location; Lancer's apartment, around the city.
Rating: Pg-13, just in case
Summary; Saber take Lancer on a tour of the city.

Taking a second glance...Collapse )

Feb. 8th, 2009

Characters: Tsugiri (lacklusterheart ) and OPEN
Date/Time: 2/7, early evening
Location: The Blue Hydrangeas
Rating: I'll snag a PG-13, for safety
Summary: Tsugiri's at work, serving customers. Wonder who he'll run into?

Read more...Collapse )

[ closed, in progress ]

Characters: Selphie Tilmitt [booyaka_bang] & Atem/Yami [atemminx]
Date/Time: Some afternoon.
Location: Selphie's patio, 'cause dance studios are embarassing!
Rating: Like...G. Nothing should happen.
Summary: As Selphie tries to make new friends and new hobbies, she decides to invite a stranger to her house to find out what they have in common, and see if they can truly get along.

So is it time to par-tay?~Collapse )

[open, in progress]

Characters: Suou Tamaki (king_of_roses), Ootori Kyouya (spectacle_smile), anyone who can afford to dress up nicely
Date/Time: Jan. 31, 2009 (Saturday)
Location: City Hall (?)
Rating: Hopefully, PG-13. Innuendos or something may boost it up to R.
Summary: Tamaki lost a bet to Kyouya and has to dress up as a girl to attend a city-wide, annual charity ball. (Only this time, he's doing it right, not that crossplay that he tried in the Ouran anime with the horrible makeup. XD) The rich and famous are invited for publicity's sake but normal citizens are welcomed to attend, as long as they adhere to the strict dress code.

If Tamaki was, say, someone with a bit more common sense, he might have wondered how and why he always ended up on the losing end of bets with his best friend.Collapse )

Note: Please try to keep character interactions civil? XD; You're all welcome to start spin-off logs if your character(s) wander off after making new friends or... something. And yes, that icon is actually my attempt to pass off some pretty girl in Victorian clothes off as Tamaki crossdressing. << >>; I TRIED.

{Closed, In progress}

Characters: Deidara(transientartist) and Atem/Yami(atemminx)
Date/Time: 2009.1.26/Noonish? (lulz backdate)
Location: Deidara's shop/studio
Rating: Pg-13 for language and unconscious innuendos > >;; shuddup it happens w/o me meaning for them to D:
Summary: Atem discovers a new shop and decides to check it out while he waits for Yugi to get out of school. And Deidara discovers a love for hair he's never known before xD;;

Pulling back his sleeve to check his wrist watch, Atem gave another sigh.Collapse )

{ Complete, Closed }

Characters: Vexen { chilli_academic</lj>} and Zexion {vi_manipulator</lj> }
Date/Time: Sunday evening.
Location: Demyx and Zexion's Apartment {AIM Chat~ }
Rating: G - For now ee;
Summary: The search for Demyx continues.

It continues..Collapse )

[closed, in progress]

Characters: Tseng toomuchpprwrk and Aerith sealevil.
Date/Time: Thursday evening.
Location: Their apartment, a restaurant and... ?
Rating: PG probably, it is them after all. XD
Summary: Something to do with a question and a ring, I'd imagine. ♥

When she realized the elevator was out, Aerith quickly bounded for the stairs.Collapse )


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